Often undesirable behavior of our beloved four-legged friends is not only due to lack of basic obedience or lack of knowledge or insecurity of the owners, but it’s regularly observed that the dogs act or react out of an area of pain. In most cases, the owner doesn’t even notice that his dog shows a changed gait or takes certain gentle postures with his musculoskeletal system. A dog can deal with pain much better than we humans, so it’s not surprising that the visit to the vet is often realized very late.

Many ailments can be relieved and often cured without invasive intervention. As a logical consequence, the dog school Der kleine Wolf ® has expanded its range of services and offers physiotherapeutic treatments for dogs, with the primary goal of reducing pains and improving movement restrictions. Furthermore, dogs with problem behavior or behavioral abnormalities, whose cause sometimes results from the pain area, are given complementary therapy approaches. Early detection of dogs with various disorders of the musculoskeletal system can already be done in puppyhood. The earlier a disease is detected, the greater the chances of recovery.

A close cooperation with the treating veterinarian is important and necessary to achieve the best possible therapy for the animal. The starting point of a therapy is always a veterinary diagnosis. My therapy does not replace any veterinary treatment, but is to be seen complementary.

Therapy offers:

  • Gait analysis and assessment of the dog's body
  • Neurological assessment angle and length measurement
  • Functional assessment
  • Therapeutic gymnastics - physiotherapy
    • Passive movement
    • Active movement
    • Stabilizing exercises
  • Manual therapy
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Stretching
  • Massage
    • Scar massage
    • Reflexology
    • Colon massage
    • Connective tissue massage
    • Brush massage
    • Hedgehog ball massage
  • Magnetic field therapy
  • Heat therapy
  • Nutritional counseling

Use of therapy supporting devices:

  • Trampoline
  • Rocking board
  • Airex balance mat
  • Electric treadmill
  • Magnetic field
  • Red light

Areas of Treatment:

  • Traumas (overstretching, overexertion, bite, cut)
  • Muscle spasms
  • Increased muscle tension
  • Myogeloses
  • Circulatory disorders of the musculature
  • Loosening of scarring and adhesions of the musculature
  • Muscle weakness
  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system (spinal diseases, arthrosis, post-traumatic and post-operative, etc.)
  • Growth and development disorders of the musculoskeletal system
  • Dysplasias
  • Diseases of ligaments, tendons and muscles
  • Muscle contractures
  • Bone diseases
  • Neurological disorders, nerve diseases (paralysis after accidents, herniated discs, etc.)
  • Skin and muscle contractures of internal organs (respiratory diseases, etc.)
  • Mental disorders, behavioral disorders (anxiety, hyperactivity, etc.)
  • Overweight

Physiotherapeutic treatments are carried out on a mobile basis by home visit.