New from January 2023

From January 2023 contact exchange for dear four-legged friends. This is where friendships are made in freewheeling.

Starting 2022

Group sessions again available, re-starting January 2022!

New: Service for taking out your dogs for walks.

New: Sport- und walking group with dog 60 minutes, introduction according individual fitness level Human-Dog-Team oriented.

Indoors evenings on theory about dog’s expression and learning behavior, plus up-to-date topics.

‘Customers promote customers’: Discount 5€ for each customer promotion on individual training.
“Der kleine Wolf ® offers vouchers for special gifts, e.g. training vouchers. Let us know your wishes and please get in touch by phone.

As of 01. Januar 2022 Der kleine Wolf ® is liable to sales tax compliance.
All prices as of 01. Januar 2022 include 19% sales tax.

A foto shooting will take place in Spring 2022!
The best and funniest pics will be posted on our webpage.
If you want to be part of our great dog’s fun foto shooting, don’t be late and sign in by contacting our „Kleiner-Wolf-Team“ now!