Training & Education Program

Your dog school Der kleine Wolf ® Der kleine Wolf ® offers a perfect range of training lessons for all ages, dedicated to guide all dog owners to become affectionate and consequent dog masters.

Our training programs include:

  • Single lesson
  • Group lessons
  • Puppy group
  • Young dogs group
  • Basic education course
  • Activity course
  • Anti-hunting training
  • Clicker training
  • Call-back signal training
  • Problem analysis
  • Problem-dog-therapy
  • Open group
  • Games, fun & sport group
  • Hikes
  • City walks
  • Preparation for Dog Licence
  • Counseling/advisory before purchasing a puppy

Single lessons, group trainings and booking of courses can be arranged individually.

Review your dog‘s level of socialization and determine best suiting courses and groups.


Fees Overview

Single lesson: 59,50 € Duration 60 Min.
¾ Lesson: 47,60 € Duration 45 Min.
½ Lesson: 29,75 € Duration 30 Min.
Group Hour: 23,80 € Duration 60 Min. / min. 3 Person-Dog-Teams /
max. 6 P-D-Teams
Home visit: 119,− € Duration 60 Min. / additional quarter hours: 11,90 € each
Club Lupo: 20,23 € Duration 60 Min. (Group fee) max. 6 Person-Dog-Teams per hike or each Activity Course
Nutrition counseling by phone: 23,80 € pro 30 Min.
Physiotherapy: 59,50 € Duration 60 Min.
Take out your dog service: 17,85 € Duration 30 Min.
Sport- and walking group with dog: 17,85 € Duration 60 Min.
Evenings on theory indoors about dog’s expression and learning behavior: 29,75 €  

All prices are final prices incl. 19% sales tax.

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