Training & Education Program

Your dog school Der kleine Wolf ® Der kleine Wolf ® offers a perfect range of training lessons for all ages, dedicated to guide all dog owners to become affectionate and consequent dog masters.

Our training programs include:

  • Single lesson
  • Group lessons
  • Puppy group
  • Young dogs group
  • Basic education course
  • Activity course
  • Anti-hunting training
  • Clicker training
  • Call-back signal training
  • Problem analysis
  • Problem-dog-therapy
  • Open group
  • Games, fun & sport group
  • Hikes
  • City walks
  • Preparation for Dog Licence
  • Counseling/advisory before purchasing a puppy

Single lessons, group trainings and booking of courses can be arranged individually.

Review your dog‘s level of socialization and determine best suiting courses and groups.


Fees Overview (Kopie)

Single lesson: 65,45 € Duration 60 Min.
¾ Lesson: 53,55 € Duration 45 Min.
½ Lesson: 35,70 € Duration 30 Min.
Group Hour: 23,80 € Duration 60 Min. / min. 3 Person-Dog-Teams /
max. 6 P-D-Teams
Home visit: 148,75 € Duration 60 Min. / additional quarter hours: 11,90 € each
Club Lupo: 20,23 € Duration 60 Min. (Group fee) max. 6 Person-Dog-Teams per hike or each Activity Course
Contact exchange: 17,85 € Duration 60 Min.
Nutrition counseling by phone: 23,80 € pro 30 Min.
Physiotherapy: 65,45 € Duration 60 Min.
Take out your dog service: 23,80 € Duration 30 Min.
Sport- and walking group with dog: 23,80 € Duration 60 Min.
Evenings on theory indoors about dog’s expression and learning behavior: 35,70 €  
Ride costs: 5,95 € flat-rate

All prices are final prices incl. 19% sales tax.

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