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Dog and Giraffe
Giraffes are watched carefully

Your certified dog trainer in Wiesbaden and Rhein-Main area, including Rheingau, Taunus, Mainz and Frankfurt.

We offer qualified services from puppy-training, young-dog-training, anti-hunting-training up to one-on-one sessions or group sessions. Group sessions can include hiking and occupation with games, fun and sports in an open group. In a perfect environment your best friend receives basic education, clicker training and call-back training. Our completely violent-free educational range provides fully natural training methods for all dog breeds and ages.

Furthermore we offer qualified physiotherapy with targeted treatment to remediate areas of physically triggered pains and subsequent behaviors.

The decision for a dog is a decision for a companion for life. Therefore we also provide required advice/information upfront. We also prepare you for your dog's license and help you in socializing your dog as well as identifying undesirable developments and behavioral problems that require attention.

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Your dog school Der kleine Wolf ®
(Owner: Nadine Wagner-Stuckart)